Scheduling Recommendations for the First Year
for Students in the
College of Arts & Sciences

This page contains general scheduling recommendations for the first year for students in the College of Arts & Sciences. These recommendations are targeted at First-Time-In-College students: students who are transferring in less than 24 credits that were earned after graduation from high school. Students who have an idea of what they might want to major in should consult with a faculty member in that department to ensure they are putting together a schedule that supports that interest, and should read about the major and its requirements in the University Catalog.

Preliminary Notes:

  1. First Year Seminar: all first-time-in-college students (students transferring less than 24 credits that were earned after graduation from high school) are required to take a freshman seminar during their first year. The course is generally taken during the fall semester of the first year. Students in the Honors Program take HON 101 for their First Year Seminar.
  2. Writing: All students, are expected to complete their Writing requirement by completing an appropriate Stetson course at the level of ENGL 101 or higher with a minimum grade of C during their first year at Stetson. Most students satisfy the Writing requirement by completing ENGL 101. ENGL 101 may be taken in the first or second semester; more sections are generally offered in spring semester. Students placed into ENGL 100 must take ENGL 100 during their first semester. See Writing for additional details concerning courses and placement.

Links are provided below that go to recommendations for students interested in specific majors or pre-professional programs. Students who have not narrowed their interests down to a single major or program should feel free to look at the recommendations for several majors. Students should read the course descriptions shown in the University Catalog prior to actually registering for the recommended courses. If a link is not available for a specific major, consult with a faculty member from the department offering the major. This is a work in progress; Department Chairs and Program Directors are encouraged to submit material so that new links can be added.

Recommendations for the First Semester Schedules for:

Majors in the Humanities:

Majors in the Natural Sciences:

Majors in the Social Sciences:


Pre-Professional Programs

Students in the Honors Program.

Revised: 06/17/13