First Year Scheduling Recommendations
for Students Interested in the
Chemistry or Biochemistry Major


  1. See "Preliminary Notes" in Arts & Sciences for recommendations concerning a First Year Seminar and a Writing course.
  2. General Chemistry I (CHEM 141P) in the fall and General Chemistry II (CHEM 142P) in the spring. These courses are only offered once a year and must be taken in sequence.
  3. Mathematics Courses: Chemistry and Biochemistry majors need to take calculus courses up through Calculus II. The specific sequence of mathematics courses and whether a course is taking during the first semester depends on the whether credit is being brought in for Calculus I (MATH 141Q) and the score earned on the Math Placement Exam.

It is recommended that Chemistry and Biochemistry majors enroll in no more than one laboratory course during their first semester at Stetson.

Revised: 05/17/11