First Year Scheduling Recommendations
for Students Interested in the
English Major


  1. See "Preliminary Notes" in Arts & Sciences for recommendations concerning a First Year Seminar.
  2. Students who wish to start the English major who do not have credit for ENGL 101 should should take ENGL 101 during the first semester (or ENGL 100, if placed into ENGL 100).
  3. Students who have AP/IB or transfer credit for ENGL 101 must do a Writing Portfolio to determine placement in ENGL 109 or a Writing Intensive Course and should take the course during the first semester. Those placed into a Writing Intensive course should consider taking ENGL 220, 240A, 241A, 242A, or 243A.
  4. Students who miss the deadline for submitting a Writing Portfolio will be able to start the courses for the major during their second semester.

Revised: 06/13/13