First Year Scheduling Recommendations
for Students Interested in the
Physics Major

Physics majors have two tracks to choose from: Physics (traditional), and Applied Physics. Both tracks have the same recommendations for classes that should be taken during the first year. It is not necessary for students to choose one track or the other until the second year.


  1. See "Preliminary Notes" in Arts & Sciences for recommendations concerning a First Year Seminar and a Writing course.
  2. University Physics I (PHYS 141P) in the fall and University Physics II (PHYS 142) in the spring. These courses are only offered once a year and must be taken in sequence. Students who do not take University Physic I during the first fall semester they are at Stetson will not be able to take it until the following year which will limit the number of physics electives they will be able take prior to graduation.
  3. Mathematics Courses: It is critical for a physics major to be developing mathematical skills at the same time as they are taking physics courses. The specific sequence of mathematics courses and whether a course is taking during the first semester depends on the whether credit is being brought in for Calculus I (MATH 141Q) and the score earned on the Math Placement Exam. If the desired Calculus course is full, contact the Chair of the Physics Department as soon as possible and the Chair will submit a request for a registration override that will allow the student to register for the course.
  4. Physics Majors interested in the Pre-Health Program:

The Physics Department has a guide called the Physics Handbook that shows the typical sequence of physics classes through a student's senior year, and contains recommendations for physics electives that are appropriate for students interested in a variety of career paths. The handbook can be viewed by following the link on the Physics Department page.

Revised: 06/17/13