First Year Scheduling Recommendations
for Students Interested in the
Pre-Health Program


  1. See "Preliminary Notes" in Arts & Sciences for recommendations concerning a First Year Seminar and a Writing course.
  2. Students should look at the recommendations for the courses for their specific major.
  3. All students, except Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics majors, should take Introductory Biology I (BIOL 141P) in the fall and Introductory Biology II (BIOL 142P) in the spring.
  4. Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics majors should take General Chemistry I (CHEM 141P) in the fall and General Chemistry II (CHEM 142P) in the spring.
  5. Students in the Pre-Health program will need to take two semesters of calculus: either MATH 130 and MATH 131Q or MATH 141Q and MATH 142Q. Entry into either MATH 130 or MATH 141Q requires that an adequate score be earned on the Math Placement Exam. Students in this program often start their mathematics courses in their first year, but this is critical only when the student's major specifically calls for it. Students should consult the requirements for their major prior to selecting the pair of mathematics courses to take. Biology majors and Aquatic and Marine Biology majors should pay particular attention to the recommendation concerning whether MATH 125 should be taken during the first year.

Revised: 06/17/13