First Year Scheduling Recommendations
for Students Interested in the
Sociology Major


  1. See "Preliminary Notes" in Arts & Sciences for recommendations concerning a First Year Seminar and a Writing course.
  2. Students should take Understanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology SOCI 101S in the fall and any 200-level Sociology course in the spring. If SOCI 101S is full, any 200-level Sociology course may be taken in the fall.
  3. Students with AP/IB or transfer credit for SOCI 101S may take any 200-level Sociology course.
  4. Sociology majors satisfy the "Q" requirement by taking SOCI 498Q as a junior. They do not need another "Q" course, unless it is required for a second major, minor, or Pre-Health.

The Criminology Certificate is only available to students majoring in Sociology.

Revised: 05/15/12