Course Exclusion Option

If you are an undergraduate, you may elect to have the grade and the credit earned, or attempted in the case of failure, for one course excluded from credit toward graduation and from inclusion in your GPA. An excluded course, with the grade earned, will remain on the transcript and be designated as “E” or “excluded from GPA.” An excluded course may not fulfill any requirement, nor will it count toward credits/units needed for graduation. This may result in having to take additional courses to meet graduation requirements.

Although an excluded course will not affect your cumulative GPA, the grade received and associated credit(s)/unit(s) will be used in the GPA calculation for academic honors. If you apply to a graduate program or a professional school, the school you are applying to may recalculate your GPA with the inclusion of the excluded grade.

The Course Exclusion option may not be used for a grade (passing or failing) in First-Year Seminar, nor may it be used with a course taken during the last semester prior to graduation.

To exercise this option, you must apply for Course Exclusion after the grade for the course has been posted, and no later than the last day of classes of the next regular semester of enrollment (excluding summer) after the course was completed. Apply for the option using the Course Exclusion form available in the Office of the Registrar. The option requires the approval of your academic dean, so drop the completed form off at the Dean's office prior to the deadline. The Dean will notify you of whether the request is approved, and will send approved forms to the Registrar's Office for processing.

You may retake a course that the Course Exclusion option has been applied to. If you received a passing grade on the first attempt, retaking it does NOT count toward the limit of one passed course that may be retaken (Retaking a Passed Course).

The Course Exclusion option and the option to Retaking a Passed Course replace the F-Forgiveness option starting fall of 2010. If you have already used F-Forgiveness twice, then you may not use the Course Exclusion option. If you used F-Forgiveness only once, then you may use the Course Exclusion option or the option to Retake a Passed Course, but not both.

Rules for Students Reentering the University

The Course Exclusion option is available to you if you are reentering the University after suspension or another leave-of-absence, provided you have not already used it, and you did not use the F-Forgiveness option twice. If you wish to use it for a course taken during the last semester in which you earned final grades prior to the leave-of-absence, then you must apply before the end of your first semester back at Stetson.

If your leave-of-absence began before Fall of 2010, then you have the option of using Course Exclusion for courses completed prior to your last completed semester at Stetson, but you must apply for the exclusion before the end of the Add period of the semester in which you return.

Financial Aid

Federal regulations allow a student to receive federal aid for one repeat of a previously passed (any grade higher than an F) course. Any one of the following three actions would count as the one allowed repeat under those regulations.

It is a good idea to discuss any potential plans for repeating a previously passed course with a counselor in the Financial Planning Office.

Revised: 08/26/14