F-Forgiveness Option

Course Exclusion Option Replacing F-Forgiveness

Beginning with the fall semester of 2010, the F-Forgiveness option will no longer be available to students. It is being replaced by the Course Exclusion option. Unlike the F-Forgiveness option, the Course Exclusion option does not require you to retake the course. It may also be applied to a course that you earned a low grade in rather than being limited to failed courses. Only one Course Exclusion will be allowed, and the time limit on when you may apply for the Course Exclusion option are more restrictive than that for the F-Forgiveness option; see Course Exclusion for details.

If you retake a failed course during the 2010 summer session, it will still be eligible for F-Forgiveness.

F-Forgiveness Option

If you are an undergraduate, you may use the F-Forgiveness option to repeat a failed course to receive credit and improve your grade point average (GPA). This option may only be exercised twice and may only be used once for any single course.  Failed courses include those with a grade of F, WF (from a late withdrawal), or XF (from a late drop). If you earn a higher grade the second time you take the course then only the hours attempted and the quality points earned for the passed attempt will be used in computing your GPA. This does not erase the earlier attempt or the F earned for that attempt from your academic record, they will continue to show on your transcripts but the F does not affect your GPA.

Sign up for F-Forgiveness by filling out the form that is available in the Registrar's Office.

If you have already used the F-Forgiveness option twice you may still retake a failed course but both the failing grade and the new grade will be used in calculating your GPA.

Caution: If a second F is earned, both attempts will be used in computing the GPA, and both will be shown on your transcripts.


This policy pertains to undergraduate, degree-seeking students only and applies to "F" grades earned on the DeLand campus during the last five years. Failed courses that are repeated must be taken at the DeLand campus.

Students are allowed to use F-Forgiveness a maximum of TWICE during their undergraduate years at Stetson.

Students may use F-Forgiveness only ONCE for any single course.

Students using F-Forgiveness are required to repeat the failed course within the next four semesters of enrollment; if the course is not offered within the next four enrolled semesters, the course must be retaken the next time it is offered at the DeLand campus.

The pass/fail grade option may not be used when repeating a failed course, unless it was the grade option selected for the initial attempt.

Revised: 04/14/10