Requesting an Incomplete

A course grade of I stands for incomplete and is given when a student is unable to complete the work for a course because of illness or other extenuating conditions, and it allows the student extra time to complete the work. An incomplete is an option only when a student has completed most of the work for the course. Both the instructor and the instructorís dean must approve a request for an incomplete.

Time Limit to Complete Work:

For all courses except graduate thesis courses the work for the course must be completed by the earlier of the following two dates or the I becomes an F:

  1. two weeks prior to the last day of classes in the next academic session of enrollment, excluding summer term; or

  2. 24 months from the date the I was issued.


Process for Requesting an Incomplete:

  1. Talk to your professor. Explain the circumstances that arose that are causing you to ask for an incomplete. If your instructor does not oppose the incomplete, discuss what work must be completed and formulate a plan for accomplishing it.

    If, in the instructor's judgment, an incomplete would be inappropriate, either because of the particular circumstances or the amount or nature of the work still remaining, you have the following options:

    You should look at all of the details for both the Late Drop and the Course Exclusion policies before deciding on a course of action, and it is always a good idea to discuss these options with your adviser.

  2. Once you have your instructor's initial approval, write a letter with a brief explanation of the circumstances, a list of the work that needs to be completed, and an outline of the plan for accomplishing it. Give it to your instructor. You may be asked to revise the list of work or the plan before your instructor approves it.

  3. Your professor attaches either a memo (Business School & Music School) or a form (Arts & Sciences: the form is in the deanís office) stating his or her approval, and forwards it to the Dean. If the course was taught by an adjunct, then the Department Chair must also approve the request before it is sent to the Dean.

  4. If the Dean approves the request, the Deanís Office will notify the instructor and the Registrar.

Revised: 07/30/13