Leave of Absence

If you intend to take a leave from the University during a Fall or Spring semester that has not already started then you must complete the Exit Form, available on the Registrar's website: Registrarís Office - Forms. It is a good idea to get into your My.Stetson account and drop any courses that you are pre-registered for prior to submitting the Exit form. You should also let your adviser know about your plan to take the time off and indicate when you plan to return.

If a semester has started and you wish to drop all of your courses and take the rest of the semester off, then you need to follow the procedure for Withdrawing. If you intend to also take the subsequent Fall or Spring semester off, then you would also need to complete the Exit form.

Taking courses during the May or Sumer terms is entirely optional, so you do not need to take any action if you are taking those terms off.

If you intend to take courses at another college or university during your leave of absence, be sure to read the limitations that are placed on transferring credits at Transferring Credit for Returning Students, and use a Transient Student form to get the credits pre-approved prior to taking the courses. The Transient Student form is available on the Registrar's website: Registrarís Office - Forms.

Returning to the University Following a Leave of Absence:

The process for returning to the University following a leave of absence is being revised. Please contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@stetson.edu and request instructions.

If you attended other colleges or universities during your absence you are required to have official transcripts sent to Stetson University as a part of the readmission process.

If your absence is for more than two regular semesters (excluding May and Summer terms) you will be required to satisfy the degree requirements in the University Catalog in effect at the time of your re-entry.

Revised: 07/12/13