Medical Withdrawal

A Medical Withdrawal is used when a medical problem prevents you from completing any of your courses and it is impractical to use incompletes for your courses. When you execute a Medical Withdrawal, you are given a grade of "W" for all of your courses. No credit is earned and your grade point average is not affected.

You are expected to make all reasonable efforts to apply for a medical withdrawal before the end of the semester. In extreme cases, you may apply up to six months following the end of the semester.

Withdrawal Procedure:

The Medical Withdrawal packet is available in the office of the Dean of Students. Call the office of the Dean of Students if it is difficult for you to visit the office.

Returning to the University Following Withdrawal:

Most students returning to the University following a withdrawal simply need to go to the Office of the Registrar to fill out the paperwork for Reentry to the University prior to registering for classes or activating their registration if they preregistered prior to withdrawing. Registration is likely to go more smoothly if this is done several days prior to registering.

Revised: 05/09/11