Mid-Term Grade Report

A Mid-Term Grade Report is generated when a student is earning an unsatisfactory grade of C– or lower in a course at mid-term during the fall and spring terms. These reports are simply to give the student notification that his or her performance through mid-term is less than satisfactory, and it is hoped that the student will be able to do well enough during the second half of the term to earn a satisfactory final grade. The report does not become part of the student’s permanent record.

If you receive a Mid-Term Grade Report you should talk to the course instructor and discuss your current standing in the class and ways of improving you performance. The course instructor may tell you that it is highly unlikely or impossible for you to earn an acceptable grade (you decide what is acceptable) even with valiant efforts for the remainder of the semester, in which case you should consider Dropping the course.

Talk to your academic adviser about the broader academic picture to see if he or she can suggest strategies that would help you with all of your classes.

Additional advice and resources that are available to assist students in improving their academic performance are located at: Dealing with Academic Difficulties.

Revised: 05/25/12