Pass/Fail Option

Most Stetson University courses award grades at the end of the course using a scale of A through F. Some courses are offered regularly that are credited on a Pass/Fail basis. In addition, students may elect to take as Pass/Fail two courses that are normally awarded a grade. Limitations on which courses the option may be applied to are outlined later in this document.

A course that is normally offered as Pass/Fail does not count as one of the two that may be taken with this option. Travel courses taken with Stetson faculty may also be taken Pass/Fail without counting as part of the two options generally available to students.

When you exercise the Pass/Fail option for a course, the instructor will submit a final grade of P if your work would normally receive a grade of D- or higher. If your work would normally receive a grade of F, you will be given an F. Courses receiving a P will increase the number of credits you have earned, but they will not affect your grade point average (GPA). If you earn an F, the credits are included in the total credits attempted and it does lower your GPA.


You may NOT apply the Pass/Fail option to any of the courses in the following list. There are exceptions to this list for travel courses taken with Stetson faculty.

  1. Courses required for the major may not be taken pass/fail. A course offered by the major department that will not be used to satisfy any requirement for the major may be taken Pass/Fail with permission from the Dean.
  2. Courses required for a minor may not be taken pass/fail.
  3. Courses applied toward the following General Education requirements may not be taken pass/fail.
    1. First-Year Seminar,
    2. Writing (ENGL 100, ENGL 101, ENGL 109 or a Writing Intensive course being used to satisfy the Writing Requirement),
    3. Quantitative Reasoning, and
    4. Junior Seminar.

    A Quantitative Reasoning course or Junior Seminar may be taken Pass/Fail, but it will not satisfy the General Education requirement.

Travel Courses

Travel courses that are offered with Stetson faculty may be taken Pass/Fail without counting as part of the two options generally available to you. For Art & Sciences and Music, a travel course that is taken Pass/Fail may be used to satisfy a requirement for a major or minor. Students in the School of Business need permission from the Dean to take a travel course Pass/Fail.

Exercising Option

To exercise this option, you must obtain a Pass/Fail form from the Office of the Registrar, and return it to the Registrar by the end of the last day to drop a course without academic penalty. Corresponding dates for summer terms will be noted in the academic calendar. The deadline for signing up for the Pass/Fail option is late enough that you should not rush into it. You should have frank discussions with the course instructor and your adviser prior to exercising this option.

Revised: 09/14/15