Retaking a Passed Course for a Grade

Under special circumstances, you may retake one course in which you have earned a passing grade. An example of when it would be appropriate to request this option is if you have earned a very low grade in a course in your major that is a prerequisite for other courses in the major. The low grade indicates a lack of mastery, and so you are not adequately prepared to be successful in the later courses. Stetson defines the grade of C as certification that the student has demonstrated the required mastery of the material, so permission will generally not be granted if a grade of C or higher was initially earned.

Exercising this option requires the approval of the Dean of the School or College you are enrolled in. It may be used for only one course, and only one retake is permitted. The course must be taken at Stetson University. Students are not allowed to retake a First-Year Seminar.

The credit(s)/unit(s) for the repeated course will be counted in your academic load for the semester. You should expect to be required to produce an entirely new portfolio of work for the retaken class. It is considered plagiarism to turn in a paper or revision of a paper that was submitted for a grade in a previous course without prior approval from your instructor.

Upon completion of the repeated course, both grades earned will be listed on your transcript regardless of whether the grade earned when repeating the course is the same, higher, or lower than the first attempt. All credit(s)/unit(s) attempted and all grades earned will count in your cumulative GPA calculation, and in the GPA calculation for graduation honors. Only the credit earned from one course will count toward the required graduation credits/units. This may result in having to take additional courses to meet graduation requirements.

There is a limit of one passed course that may be taken under this policy. If you retake a passed course that you used the Course Exclusion option on, it does not count against the limit in this policy. If you are required to retake your Writing course because you earned a low grade, it does not count against the limit in this policy.

Financial Aid

Federal regulations allow a student to receive federal aid for one repeat of a previously passed (any grade higher than an F) course. Any one of the following three actions would count as the one allowed repeat under those regulations.

It is a good idea to discuss any potential plans for repeating a previously passed course with a counselor in the Financial Planning Office.

Revised: 08/07/15