Transferring Credits into Stetson: Current Students

Once you have started your full-time studies at Stetson you need to look closely at the limitations placed on transferring credit prior to enrolling for a course at another institution. It is generally a good idea to check with the Registrarís Office to make sure that a course you plan to take elsewhere will be eligible for transfer. Use the Transient Student form, available at Registrarís Office - Forms to get courses pre-approved for transfer.

You may transfer a course and receive credit if you earned a grade of C (not C-) or better and if there is an equivalent course offered at Stetson. Courses completed at the 100/200 level elsewhere may not be used to complete advanced requirements (300/400 level) at Stetson. A maximum of 64 credits may be transferred from other institutions, or awarded for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge AICE, or other examinations. This includes credits earned in a high school/college Dual-Enrollment program. Credits earned through Stetsonís study abroad programs count as Stetson credits.

You must earn at least half of the credits required for your major at Stetson. If you choose to have a minor then at least half of the credits for your minor must be earned at Stetson.

Once you have 64 credits in courses that are generally accepted in a bachelorís degree program, permission of the Dean is required to transfer credit from a primarily lower-division, two-year community or junior college. The 64 credits include credits that you previously transferred to Stetson. Note that many of Floridaís new State Colleges are not primarily four-year colleges, so the 64 credit limit applies to many of them.

You may not transfer credit for a course taken at another institution during a term in which you are a degree-seeking student enrolled at Stetson. You may not transfer credit for a course taken at another institution during a term when you are on academic suspension.

If you wish to transfer more than 10 credits earned in a particular summer, you must have advance permission from the appropriate academic dean.

Transfer credits are included in the total used for determining class rank. The grades are not transferred and do not affect your grade point average at Stetson. However, grades for all courses taken at all institutions are used for computing graduating academic honors.

Each School or College has different rules for the transfer credit that may be used to satisfy General Education requirements and requirements for your major or minor.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences allows a student who has started full-time studies at Stetson to satisfy no more than one General Education requirement through transfer credit. This limit applies to a course taken at another institution after starting full time at Stetson; it does not apply to courses taken prior to starting at Stetson that you transferred in as an entering student. Three specific General Education requirements may not be satisfied by transfer credit: the First-Year Seminar requirement, the Modern Language option in the Knowledge area, and the Junior Seminar requirement. Students may transfer in credit for a modern language, but it will count as an elective.

The College of Arts & Sciences allows students to use transfer credit and credit awarded for AP or IB exams to satisfy a maximum of 3 courses required for the major or 2 courses required for the minor with the permission of the department. Transfer credit brought in as an entering student, credit awarded for AP or IB exams, and transfer credit brought in for a course taken after starting at Stetson all count toward the same maximum of 3 courses for the major or 2 courses for a minor. More courses may be transferred, but those over the maximum number will count as electives.

The College of Arts & Sciences uses a unit system where 1 unit = 4 credits. A 3-credit course transferred in will count as 3/4 units. If the course is used for General Education or for a major or minor then it will completely satisfy a requirement the same way that a 1 unit course does, but it only counts as 3/4 units toward the 32 units required for the degree.

School of Business

The School of Business will accept a maximum of 2 transferred courses (up to 8 credits) for courses in the major.

School of Music

The School of Music allows transfer credit for coursework required in the major based upon placement examination upon entry, portfolio review, and/or interview with the Dean of the School.

Revised: 07/29/13