Transfer Credits for Entering Students

You are an Entering Student if you are about to start full-time studies at Stetson.

Requirements for Receiving Transfer Credit

You may transfer a course and receive credit if you earned a grade of C (not C-) or better and if there is an equivalent course offered at Stetson.

Courses completed at the 100/200 level elsewhere may not be used to complete advanced requirements (300/400 level) at Stetson.

Many courses taught at the University are "unit" courses where 1 unit = 4 credits. A 3-credit course transferred in will count as 3/4 units. If the course is used for General Education or for a major or minor then it will completely satisfy a requirement the same way that a 1 unit course does, but it only counts as 3/4 units toward the total number of units required for the degree.

Official transcripts showing final grades for the courses should be sent to the Office of Admissions as soon as possible.

Limits on Transfers And Courses That Must Be Taken At Stetson

The total credit a student may receive as transfer credit and exemption credit for pre-college examinations is 64 credits. The College and individual Schools place limits on how many transfer courses may be used for general education requirements and requirements for a major or minor. See Maximum Credit for details.

Certain courses like the First-Year Seminar and the Junior Seminar must be taken at Stetson. Most student must take a Writing course at Stetson. See Must Take At Stetson for details.

How Transfer Credit Affects Class Rank, GPA, and Graduation Honors

Transfer credits will be included in the total used for determining class rank. The grades are not transferred and do not affect your grade point average (GPA) at Stetson. However, grades for all courses taken at all institutions are used for computing graduating academic honors.

Revised: 07/29/13