Culture & Belief
("B" Courses)

Culture & Belief is one of six areas grouped together in a category called Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World in the General Education requirements at Stetson University. The number of courses from the Knowledge category that you are required to take depends on the college or school that you are enrolled in.

Courses that meet the Culture & Belief requirement enhance your understanding of the beliefs, ideologies, and traditions that contribute to human culture. They are taught in a range of disciplines. Courses satisfying this category have a "B" tagged to the end of the three-digit course number. Departments offering these courses include:

If your major is in the College of Arts & Sciences and it requires a "B" course you may use it to satisfy the Culture & Belief requirement. There is the limitation that no more than three courses required for a major in Arts & Sciences may be used to satisfy General Education requirements.

Revised: 05/29/15