Cultural Attendance Requirement

Students are required to attend a minimum of twenty-four (24) cultural events. For full-time, non-transfer students, need to attend an average of three cultural events per semester. However, students who plan to graduate early due to an accelerated schedule of courses, will need to increase the number of cultural events attended each semester to ensure that they reach the twenty-four event requirement within their accelerated schedule. Transfer students are credited with attendance at one cultural event for every five credits transferred.

Cultural events include concerts, public lectures, plays, art exhibitions, poetry readings, films, and several other types of event. Students may visit exhibits at the Hand Art Center and the Gillespie Museum for cultural credit. A calendar of approved events is maintained on the Stetson University website. Starting at the Stetson Today webpage, click on the all events button under the Events sub-heading to go to Calendar of Events page. Events that are approved for Cultural Credit are flagged with an asterisk.

Students get credit for a cultural event by having their student ID card scanned at the event.

There are small number of off-campus exhibits that have been approved as cultural events. In order to receive cultural credit for an off-campus event you need to obtain a brochure signed by the person in charge of the event and bring it to the the Registrar's deck in the OneStop. Please include your name and I.D. number on the brochure. If the exhibit has a sign-in sheet for Stetson students, please sign the sheet instead of obtaining the brochure. The following off-campus exhibits have been approved:




Revised: 05/27/15