First Year Seminar

All students who enter the University with fewer than 24 credits of college work earned after graduating from high school are classified as “first time in college” and must take a First Year Seminar during their first semester. Most students take FSEM 100. Students in the Honors program take HONR 101. Students in the School of Music who are majoring in Music Education take EDUC 265 in place of a First Year Seminar.

First-Year Seminars are designed to improve your ability to think critically, analyze ideas, and express your thoughts persuasively in oral presentations and in writing. These are important skills that need to be developed as early as possible, so they can be harnessed and further developed in later courses.

You are not allowed to Drop the First-Year Seminar and not allowed to use the Pass/Fail option for this course. You are not allowed to use the Course Exclusion option on the First-Year Seminar. You are not allowed to retake the First-Year Seminar even if you fail it. If you fail your First-Year Seminar, the requirement that the course be taken has been satisfied and the grade will be calculated in the term and cumulative GPA.

The First Year Seminars that are offered change each year. Course titles and descriptions may be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of: First Year Seminar Home Page.

Revised: 05/27/15