Modern Languages

If you have previously studied French, German, Russian, or Spanish and wish to continue your studies at Stetson, you must take a placement test. The placement tests for Spanish and French are on-line; see Modern Languages Placement Tests for instructions on taking the placement tests. For German or Russian, you must schedule an on campus interview with w faculty member from that program.

All students may take Modern Language as a part of their General Education. Whether Modern Language is specifically required or an option that can be used to fill a requirement depends on the College or School that you are enrolled in.

College of Arts & Sciences (Including Discovery Students)

Modern Languages is one of six Knowledge Areas in the General Education requirements; you are required to complete one unit each from five of the six areas, and it is up to you to decide whether Modern Language is one of the five that you are choosing to do. Courses that meet the Modern Languages requirement enhance your knowledge of the world by developing your proficiency in another modern language and by emphasizing the role of language in culture. You can meet this requirement by completing a Stetson course numbered 102 or higher in French, German, Russian, or Spanish. The course must be taken at Stetson; transfer credit or credit earned from AP or IB exams for a language course numbered 102 or higher will not satisfy the requirement. Courses that satisfying this category have an "L" tagged to the end of the three-digit course number.

Special topics courses for languages other than French, German, Russian, or Spanish are routinely offered at Stetson. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences may take them, but they will not satisfy the Modern Language option in the General Education requirements. The special topics language courses will count as an elective unless it satisfies a requirement for your major or a minor.

If your major requires an "L" course you may use it to satisfy the Modern Languages requirement. There is the limitation that no more than three courses required for your major may be used to satisfy General Education requirements.

School of Business

Modern Language is required for all students in the School of Business. The options available for satisfying the requirement depend on when you first enrolled at Stetson. If you first enrolled in the Fall of 2010 or later, then there are two options:

If you first enrolled before fall of 2010, then talk to an adviser in the School of Business about the requirement.

School of Music

The requirements for students in the School of Music depend on the student's major.

Revised: 08/26/14