Math Placement Exam

All incoming student are required to complete an online math placement exam prior to starting at Stetson. The results for the exam helps the University design an appropriate set of Quantitative Reasoning courses (Q-courses), and helps students select courses that are appropriate for their skill level. Students will be allowed to enroll in an introductory calculus course only if their score on the placement exam shows that they are adequately prepared to begin the course. Students who want or need to take calculus but are not adequately prepared will have the option of enrolling in a non-credit online course to enhance their skills.

Taking the Math Placement Exam

Once you have been accepted for admission and have paid your enrollment deposit, you will be given information about how to take the Math Placement Exam. The exam consists of 25 questions and there is a 30 minute time limit once you begin. Directions for taking the exam are provided at the bottom of the following web page: Math Placement Exam.

Getting Placement Exam Results

The Math Placement Coordinator will review you exam score and add a note to the bottom of the Degree Audit in your My Stetson account. The note will say one of the following things:

Students who are not interested in taking calculus and are concerned about selecting and appropriate Quantitative Reasoning course are invited to discuss their options with the Math Placement Coordinator: Dr. Lisa Coulter.

Mathematics Review Course and Retaking Placement Exam

Students who want to or are required to take a calculus course, but score too low to be approved for the desired course, may review the topics that gave them difficulty on the placement exam and retake the exam. They are invited to contact the Math Placement Coordinator (Dr. Lisa Coulter) to discuss what areas should be reviewed. One option for doing the needed review is by enrolling in a non-credit online course. Directions for enrolling in the online review course may be found at: Math Placement Exam.

Students who wish to retake the placement exam arrange to do so by contacting the Math Placement Coordinator.

Student Receiving Credit For Calculus Through AP, IB, or AICE Exams

Students who receive credit for MATH 141P because of adequate scores on AP, IB, or AICE exams will be allowed to register for additional calculus courses even if they do not do well on the Math Placement Exam. They should be aware that the exam is showing weak areas in their preparation which may lead to difficulties in the class, and it is strongly recommended that they review those areas before proceeding.

Revised: 10/29/14