General Education Requirements
for the
School of Business Administration

The general education requirements for the School of Business Administration for student who first enrolled at Stetson before fall of 2009 are summarized below. This is intended to be a general guide.  An official statement of the requirements can be found in the University Bulletin.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program must satisfy a different set of requirements, which are explained in a separate document: General Education Requirements for the Honors Program.

First-Year English:

Two courses: EH-111, EH-121, or EH-131.  See First-Year English for details concerning which course to start with and exemption exams.

Modern Language:

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a modern language other than English through the 102 level.  This requirement may be met by satisfactory performance on an exemption test or by completing courses through the 102 level.  See Modern Language Requirement for details concerning the placement/exemption test.

Communication Option:

Select two courses from the following: any CN courses offered by the Communications Studies department, EH211, EN312, TE201, JN290, or any modern language courses at the 200 level or higher.


MS101 and one of the following: MS226, MS201, MS222.  See Mathematics Requirement for details concerning exemption exam for MS101.



Religious Heritage option:

One course selected from: REL-100, REL-106, REL-107, REL-108, REL-109.

Science option:

One course selected from one of the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics.

Behavioral Science Option:

One course selected from: PSY101, SY101, AY102.


DS280, DS350.

Information Technology:


Non-business Electives:

11 credit hours.

Cultural Attendance:

Students are required to attend a minimum of twenty-four cultural events. The Deanís Office provides a list of approved events each semester. See Cultural Attendance Requirement for details.

Revised: 04/20/10