Modern Languages: Placement/Exemption

With very few exceptions, students at Stetson University are required to demonstrate some level of proficiency in a modern language other than English. For many students, this means taking courses at the 101 and/or 102 level from the Modern Languages Department (course number prefixes: FH = French, GN = German, RSN = Russian, SH = Spanish). Students who have had extensive exposure to one of the modern languages taught at Stetson (e.g. two or more years of high school study) can often satisfy some or all of this requirement by taking one of the placement tests offered by the Modern Languages Department at Stetson. Students may also demonstrate proficiency by earning sufficiently high scores on a variety of other tests including CLEP, AP, and IB exams.  Students who have had extensive exposure to a modern language that is not taught at Stetson should contact the Modern Language Department and enquire about ways of demonstrating proficiency in that language.

Transfer Credit:

A student who, upon first entering Stetson, receives eight or more semester hours of transfer credit in any one modern language other than English will be regarded as having demonstrated proficiency through the 102 level.  One who receives four or more hours will be regarded as having demonstrated proficiency through the 101 level.

Placement Test:

All students who have had fewer than two years of modern language study in high school may enroll in a 101 level language course.  They may but are not required to take the placement test to see if they can be placed in the 102 level course.

Students with two or more years of a language a modern language at Stetson must take the placement test. The placement tests are offered at the beginning of each semester and may be taken by appointment on Fridays during the regular semesters.

Students who have taken four years of a modern language in high school will be placed in a 102 level course or higher, depending on the placement test results.  Students with fewer than four years of high school modern language will be placed into an appropriate level of that language based on the placement test results and the years of previous exposure.

Students who place out of 102 will have fulfilled the language requirement by means of a waiver.  There is no award of credit.  However, these students who enroll in a 200/300 level language course and  who successfully complete the course with a grade of "C" or better may earn 5 hours of retro-credit in addition to the course credit earned.

For example, a student testing (placing) out of 102 and successfully completing 201 (with a "C" or better) will earn the 3 hours for 201, plus 5 credit hours for 102.

Other Examinations:

Students who take a modern language exam in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate Program (IB), or an Advanced Placement (AP) exam may score well enough to have the modern language requirement waived, and in some cases may also earn exemption credit for one or two other courses in the Modern Languages Department. Contact the Modern Languages Department for details.

Revised: 08/09/04