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Writing skills are critical for success in college and in life after graduation. The Writing Requirement has been designed to lay a foundation upon which success may be built. Once you have satisfied the writing requirement, you are strongly encouraged to select additional courses that support your major or complement your interests that also emphasize enhancing your writing skills.

All students satisfy the Writing Requirement by completing an appropriate Stetson course at the level of ENGL 101 or higher. Students taking courses to satisfy the Writing requirement must earn a final grade of C or better. The specific course that you will use to satisfy the requirement depends on your skill level when you enter the University, and on whether you are bringing in credit for ENGL 101, either through transfer or as a result of earning high scores on AP or IB exams. Placement into an appropriate course is explained farther down in this document.

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Placement for students who are NOT bringing in credit for ENGL 101

Placement for students who ARE bringing in credit for ENGL 101

Placement is determined from standardized test scores and high school grades.

Most incoming students are placed into ENGL 101. Earning a grade of C or better in ENGL 101 satisfies the writing requirement. Students may take it during either the first or the second semester.

Students who are not ready to take ENGL 101 are placed into ENGL 100. ENGL 100 must be taken during the first semester, and must be passed with a grade of C or better. ENGL 101 must be taken immediately after successfully completing ENGL 100. Earning a grade of C or better in ENGL 101 satisfies the writing requirement.

Starting Spring 2015, new students who expect to bring in credit for ENGL 101 (via transfer course credit or AP/IB credit) will have the opportunity to decide how they will meet the Writing requirement by deciding their own placement in the appropriate writing or writing intensive course. This group of students will be asked to answer a series of questions that will help clarify the options as well as the ways to make the most effective judgment.

We know that students with very strong writing skills do better in their coursework overall, so we offer students the opportunity to take ENGL 109 Stetson Writing Workshop, a course that focuses on writing. Students may also choose to go directly into coursework in general education or in the major, bypassing a course in writing in favor of a designated writing intensive course. These courses appear in my.stetson.edu in the General Education section of Course Lookup. Students who are not sure about what decision to make are welcome to consult with the Director of the Writing Program.

Students must complete the course they place themselves in within two semesters of joining Stetson University. This University policy is designed to ensure that students get an appropriate early experience with the expectations of Stetson faculty. Students must earn a C or better in their Writing course in order to fulfill the Writing requirement.

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Revised: 06/01/15