Standard Course Loads and Overloads

Students must be registered for at least 3 units (12 credits) to be considered full-time students. Financial aid and insurance coverage often require students to be registered as full-time students. Most courses in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business are 1 unit (4 credits). Courses in the School of Music range from 1/4 to 1 unit (1 to 4 credits).

The Standard Course Load is the load that most students register for. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business who complete the standard load for eight semesters (four years) will earn the minimum number of credits or units required for graduation. Students in the School of Music should consult with an adviser about the appropriate course load.

The table below shows the Standard Load for students in the two Schools and the College. The table also shows the Maximum Load, which is the maximum number of credits that a student may register for without getting special approval from the Dean of the School or College.

Credits Required for Graduation Standard Load Maximum Load
School of Business 128 credits (32 units) 16 credits (4 units) 18 credits (4.5 units)
School of Music 128 to 144 credits (32 to 36 units) 16 credits 18 credits (19 credits if 30 or more credits have been earned at Stetson)
College of Arts & Sciences 128 credits (32 units) 16 credits (4 units) 18 credits (4.5 units)

Requesting a Course Overload:

A quality education emphasizes learning rather than getting through a list of requirements. The maximum number of credits a student is allowed to register for was set to ensure that students would have a reasonable amount of time to devote to each of their classes. See Studying for a discussion of the time you should expect to be spending on academic work each week. Advisers and students should make every attempt to create a schedule for students that does not exceed the maximum load.

A course overload may be granted for extraordinary cases where an academically strong student has a unique or unusual opportunity that is unavailable in another semester. After consultation with the academic adviser and the department chair, requests for course overloads should be made to the student's academic dean.

Maximum Summer Course Load:

Students taking courses at Stetson over the summer may register for a maximum of 12 credits (3 units). No more than two of the courses may meet during the same summer session. This means that a student wishing to earn 12 credits may take two courses in one of the 4-week sessions and one course in the other 4-week session, or one course in the 7-week session and one course in each of the two 4-week sessions.

Students who are planning to take summer courses at another institution over the summer and then transfer credits to Stetson are limited to 10 credits (2.5 units) unless they obtain prior approval from their dean. Students taking courses both at Stetson and elsewhere are limited to a total of three courses. See Transferring Credits for additional limits and recommendations.

Revised: 06/02/15