Registration:  Finding Classes With Open Seats

The program My Stetson can be used to identify classes that have an open seat that you can register for. There are two methods you can use for searching for courses, depending on when you are performing the search.

During your allotted registration time slot during Advanced Registration, and after Advanced Registration has ended until the end of the Add Period at the start of the new semester, you may use the search function in Add/Drop Courses in My Stetson to search for classes. Follow the instructions in Advance Registration on the Web.


You may use the Class Schedule Search at any time to search for classes. Use the following directions to get to that screen.

  1. There are two ways to get into the class search engine:

  2. Select the term you are registering for from the drop-down menu and click on "Submit".

  3. You should now be at the Class Schedule Search screen. Fill in the parameters of your search and click the Class Search button. There are drop-down menus that allow you to search for a particular subject or for classes that satisfy a specific General Education requirement. You may select several items in a drop-down menu by holding the Ctrl key while clicking on several individual items, or by holding the Shift key while clicking on the first and last items in a block of items. There is a check-box that you can click to limit the search to classes that have open seats.

    If you would like to see all of the 100-level courses with open seats, type "1%" into the Course Number box, check the Open Courses Only box, and click the Class Search button. Using "2%" will give the 200-level courses, etc.

  4. You may click on the CRN for a class to open a window that provides additional information about the class including links that will take you to the Catalog description and information about text books.

Revised: 09/07/12