are Bob’s champions of social justice. At the bottom of the emails that Bob
sends, he often displays this quote from Robert F. Kennedy that strikingly
conveys Bob’s own understanding of social justice:
What we need in the United States . . . is love, and wisdom,
and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice
toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they
be white or whether they be black
II. Social Justice in Teaching and Scholarship
To probe further into Bob Bickel’s view of law and justice, one must also
consider the fields of law that he has concentrated on in his teaching and
scholarship. There are three primary fields: tort law, higher education law,
and civil rights law. I can claim no expertise or teaching experience in tort
law, but I do share the second the third fields with Bob and have had many
fruitful and uplifting discussions with him in these areas.
For Bob, these three fields are by no means separate and distinct; they all
interconnect in various ways. In particular, for Bob, all three fields to some
extent have an interdisciplinary context. One cannot fully grasp these fields
without some understanding of how their development has been, or may
continue to be, influenced by history, social science, culture, and so forth.
Similarly, for Bob, one cannot fully grasp these fields without some under-
standing that legal issues and problems are often intertwined with policy
issues and problems. Lawyers and law students must be able to under-
stand the difference between law and policy yet also be able to interrelate
the two.
Indianapolis, Indiana, April 4, 1968.
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