4: L
Loving v. Virginia
, Sex Discrimination,
and Marriage Equality
Barbara A. Le
I. Love and Passion
When I think of Bob Bickel, I think of two words: love and passion. Love
for Marilyn and their family, love for his students and his work, and love
for his friends and colleagues. And passion for civil rights, for the study and
practice of higher education law and policy, and for solving social problems.
* * *
The struggle for marriage equality, too, can be thought of as epitomized
by love and passion. The quest to marry whom one loves, and the pas-
sion to enact changes in the law to allow that to happen, have parallels
in the case of
Loving v. Virginia
a 1967 Supreme Court case that struck
School of Management and Labor Rela-
tions, Rutgers University.
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