The Black Student Association

Of Stetson University


The Purpose of the Black Student Association is to promote awareness of the cultures and the American experience, and to a positive self identity amongst our members and others through community involvement and campus interaction. By providing events where we inter-mingle to bridge the cap of a social divided.

Article I:  The name of this organization shall be “The Black Student Association”

Article II:  Any student enrolled in Stetson University, regardless race, sex, or nationality, shall be eligible for membership. The members are expected to uphold the dignity of this organization.

Voting Members: These members must be students enrolled in the classes at Stetson University and must pay the annual sues to AASA, the amount which is determined by the executive board. These members will have the ability to vote and may participate in all functions. These members must be present at meeting when any question is introduced to the floor in order to vote; voting by proxy is not valid. Executive Board officers and Chairs must be voting members.

Organizational Members: This form of membership is afforded to all students enrolled in classes at Stetson University. This membership will be afforded all rights and responsibility associated with voting members excluding the ability to partake in certain functions free of financial obligations.

Associate Members:  This membership will be open to all persons supportive of the purpose and cause of the Black Student Association. These members are not required to all students enrolled at Stetson University. This membership involves all of the rights and responsibilities afforded to organizational members save they are not subjected to disciplinary actions for excessive absences. ( see article III; section 2)

Article III:

Section 1 The regular meetings of this organization shall be held weekly

Voting member and association members are allowed two(2) absences per semester. After this, member must come before the executive board to determine their membership status.

Special meetings may be called by the executive  board or shall be upon the written request of one-third (1/3) of the members of the organization. The request is to be submitted to the executive board.

One-third (1/3) of the voting body constitutes a quorum. No amendments to the constitutes nor voting, can take place unless a quorum is present.

Article IV Officers

Section 1  The officers of this organization shall be : President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Student Government Representative, Community Service Representative, Event Coordinator and Publicist

   A.  The Duties of the President shall be as follows: To insure that the mission  objectives of each committees are achieved; to chair each of the general meetings;  to chair each of the executive board meetings; to insure that the agenda items are  followed; and, to act as spokesperson for the organization. In addition, the  President’s duties shall include the authority to recommend the removal of any  executive board member failing to perform his/her duties as described in the  constitution. The President shall also attend all Multi-Cultural meeting.

B. The Vice-President’s duties shall be to take over the duties of the President in  his/her absences, and to oversee all committee chairs in order to insure that all  duties are carried out under the direction of the President.

C.        The Secretary shall keep the official records of the organization. He/her shall  record the minutes of each meeting, be responsible for all notices, announcements  and memoranda within the structure of the organization as well as general  correspondence.

D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping all financial records of the  organization, and insure that all financial obligations are met. In addition, he/ she  shall be responsible for submitting a semester financial report.

E. The Historian shall preserve all documents and records of the events pertaining to  the organization in order to create an annual scrapbook. He/ she shall also act as  secretary in that persons absence.

F.  The Student Government Representative

G.  The Community Service Representative shall act as chair/ Liaison to the  community. He/ She shall organize and coordinate events for community service.

H.  The Publicist coordinate with event coordinator to make flyers, he/she will also  aid the event coordinator in planning organizational events.

I.  The Event Coordinator shall organize social events for cultural credit events  hosted by BSA.

Section 2 The nominations of officers shall be held on the last meeting in March, and elections shall be held on the first meeting in April.

  A. All officers shall be elected by majority vote. Their term of office shall begin with  the next regularly scheduled meeting, and shall be held for the year.

  B. No member shall hold more than one office at a time; however, each officer shall  be eligible for one consecutive term in office.

Section 3 Officers and committee chairs shall be subject to impeachment proceedings 

upon reception of a petitioned request bearing one-third (1/3) of the signature of  the organization’s registered members.

Article V- The Executive Board

Section 1 The Executive Board shall consist of all the elected officers of this organization, and the chairpersons of all the standing committees.

  A.  The Executive Board shall general supervision of all affaires of this organization,  fix the time and place of its meetings, and appoint standing committee  chairpersons in the event of a vacancy or resignation. It is subject to the will of the  organization and none of its acts shall conflict with the will of this organization.

B. The Executive Board shall devise and submit a tentative program of activities for  the upcoming year to the organization for approval two meetings after they have  been elected; and submit the newly proposed calendar to the Director of  Multicultural Affaires.

Section 2 All written correspondence between the organization and outside persons or organizations must be accompanied by the signatures of three officers, including the President and the Secretary.

Article VI- Committee

Section 1 The following are permanent committees: Black Empowerment; Public-Relations; Community Affaires; and Cultural Affaires

A. The Vice-President shall be the chairman of the Black Empowerment Committee.  The duties of the Black Empowerment Committee shall be to coalesce the values  of political action and cultural awareness. The shall be attained through , but not  limited to the following functions: (1) promoting the infusion of African History  and culture into the university curriculum; (2) increasing representation of  Africans and/ of African- Americans at the faculty, professional, and  paraprofessional levels; (3) contracting challenging contemporary black artist,  lecturers, and speakers; (4) raising consciousness on national and international  political issues; and (5) developing intrastate, national, and international alliances.

B. The duties of the Public Relations Committee shall include the following: (1)  represent AASA in the Organizational Fair; (2) generate a semester newsletter; (3)  submit all AASA articles for publication to the Reporter and outside media as  required; and (4) promote the ideology of AASA through general advertisement.

C. The duty of the Community Affaires Committee shall to act as a Liaison between  AASA and the local community. In addition, this committee will be responsible  for the social event of the organization; and as well, be responsible for the  provision of academic assistance to the organization.

D. The duties of the Cultural Committee shall be to educate the AASA members and  the Stetson community on history from the Afrocentric  point-of-view through  activities, workshops and programs.

Articles VII- Amendments

Section 1 This constitution may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of voting members present at a regularly scheduled meeting, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.

A. Amendments, unless otherwise indicated, shall become effective immediately  upon adoption.