If you would like to become a member of the Black Student Association, please stop by the BSA office (located in the cross cultural center), or drop by one of our meetings.

Some of the current BSA members for 2009-2010 school year:

Aja Peterson

Stash Phillips
Maite W
Brittney McCloud
Stephanie Lahens
Jessica Williams
Josie U.
Scott Kennedy
Natalie Simon
Julian Crew
Natai Robinson
Adrew B
Annick Bazile
Augustina Oguntola
Alexandra Prosper
Shanna McMaster
Stephanie Spencer
Jessica Dunn
Ketsia Samedy
Ayanna Royal
Zanolee Grant
Andrew Flanders
Alexis Hermosa
Benjamin Harris
Erythel Saint Marc
  Esther Saintil
  Cheyenne Williams
  Kathia Diaz Hernandez
  Nathalie Koonce
  Jessica Dunn
  Jessica Price