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DeLand - Since March 2002 Stetson University's Center for Holistic Microcredit (CHOMI) has been offering a series of business development workshops to the community, free of charge. Anyone interested in either starting a new business or further developing an existing business, has been welcomed to attend.

Dr. Neal Long, who heads Stetson's Economics Department, and Dr. Ranjini Thaver, Stetson Economics professor, have lead the workshops in collaboration with upper-level economics students studying microcredit. In microcredit programs, small starter loans are made to those without access to commercial banks, but who meet other social criteria.

The goal of Stetson's program has been to work with such borrowers to get them ready for conventional credit.
The workshops, listed on the right were held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., on alternating Mondays from September 16 2002, at the Community Resource Center, 910 S. Adelle Ave.:

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1. Defining Your Vision, covering What is Entrepreneurship? What are Your Goals,Talents and Abilities? What can CHOMI Do for You?

2. Defining Your Product, covering Competition and Marketing Plan, Product Description and Price Setting.

3. Managing your Financial flow: Cash Flow, Financing, Expenses, Market Analysis.

4. Managing Your Business, covering Financial Statements, Insurance, Profits, Forecasting, Setting Up Your Business.

5. Your Business's relationship with Government, covering Taxes, Records, Legal Forms, What to Do Once You've Started.