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CHOMI's client - William "Vamp" Carter
Vamp Carter
My business would have gone under if it wasn't for CHOMI.

William "Vamp" Carter owns the 909 Social Club. The club is famous for its mouth watering smoky barbeque and soul food. Vamp's business is located at 909 South Adelle near the intersections of Adelle and Beresford Anenue in Spring Hill - Deland Florida. The club started in 1996 and currently offers two main types of services - entertainment and food services. Vamp's products are popular and very much appreciated in Spring Hill.

909 is a grass root neighborhood club that is neutral and has a conducive atmosphere for mature adults to socialize relax and dance in a drug free environment. The Club is open for food services at 11:00 AM daily and entertainment in music and club services is from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM.