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Stetson University CHOMI
Center fof Holistic Microcredit Initiatives
CHOMI's Mission
Programs offered
Forming Peer Groups
CHOMI Lending Terms
CHOMI's Meetings
CHOMI holds a number of meetings with prospective loan applicants. These meetings are to familiarise applicants with policies an procedures while others are for training. The minimum number of meetings held is four and their number depends on need.
  • Meetings are mandatory to loan applicants in the first stages of group formation.
  • After a group has been formed, clients meet twice a month on their own.
  • Meetings with CHOMI include loan payments, networking, and training.
  • CHOMI collects payments from clients or through a third party.
  • CHOMI serves as a resource to borrowers for new ideas,markets and contacts
The spirit of being Human
Meeting Session at Spring Hill
Meeting Session at 910 S Adelle.