CHOMI's History

Stetson University's CHOMI was once a dream, a passionate holistic idea that was brought to reality. The word "CHOMI" is a South African street word for "friend of the heart" was launched in the year 2000. People who call each other "Chomi" take as given that they each enjoy an prized relationship including the fruit of trusting, caring, sharing and protecting each other from hunger and violence.

With blessings and much support from Stetson University, Dr. Neal Long and Dr. Ranjini Thaver worked extra hard to get the program started. Dr. Henry Martin coordinated the formation of the first group of loan applicants as well as acting as an important link and liaison with the Spring Hill community.

CHOMI's dream continued to grow and its fame shined like a bright beacon. Since inception in 2000, two startup loans have been given to the 909 Club. CHOMI's underlying philosophy on 100% returns was proven and all these loans have been paid off. In addition CHOMI offered charitable Business Development workshops in Spring Hill and general training to individuals who want to start businesses.

Reaching Out- CHOMI's logo