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Center for Holistic Microcredit Initiatives
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Getting a loan with CHOMI is very easy. All one has to do is formulate a group of three to seven members. For first loan applicants, CHOMI's only collateral requirement for members is to have a group. Second and third time loan applicants only submit a more detailed and enhanced business plans.

After a group has been formed, training on CHOMI's policies and procedure follows. After that, members are asked to submit their individual Business Plans or get introduced into business plans formulation. After all the proposals are formulated, then the group members decide who among themselves should get the first loan.

Summarized loan requirements;

  • Forming a group of 3-7 members.
  • Creating business plans or learn how to.
  • Deciding on who gets to apply first as a group.
  • Submiting Business Plans to loan review committee.
  • Getting a loan.
The spirit of being Human
Chomi is about being Holistic