Chomi provides three sets of loans to clients;

First loan of $1000, Second loan of $2000, and lastly the Third loan of $4000.
All the above loans are provided at 10% simple interest and are paid back in 11, 24 and 24 months respectively. There is no financial collateral required since loan disbursement is based upon mutual trust and accountability, otherwise referred to as social collateral.

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First Loan
Second Loan
Third Loan
The first loan is provided to members who have just formed a group and are applying for loans for the first time. Each member in a group takes turn to get $1000 after submitting their business plan and getting it approved by the loan review committee. Members take turns applying for the loans.

Second loan is possible after someone has paid the first loan. This is after 11 months since CHOMI's issuance of the first loan. It carries the same 10% interest and is payable 24 months (2 years). Second loan requires a more detailed business plan hence preparing the client for recommendations to a bank.

A client may borrow upto $4000.
Loan rate is 10% simple interest.This is returned to the person in the form of a savings bond if all payments are made on time and meetings are attended
First loan is paid back over 11 months
Following loans maybe for 24 months