Stephen T. Davis

Karma or Grace: Which Way to Salvation

Madame F

An Evening with Madame F

Stephen Davis, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California, lectures on Karma or Grace: Which Way to Salvation. He is also the author and/or editor of more than twelve books including, God, Reason, and Theistic Proofs; Philosophical and Theological Discourse; Logic and the Nature of God; and Encountering Evil.
Claudia Stevens' unique multi-disciplinary performances, numerous original works for the stage, and appearances on television and radio have earned her a significant place in the emerging field of performance art. The piece she performs explores the life and death experience of music performance in concentration camps, upon survivor accounts.

Roger K. Newman

Sex, Censorship, and the Internet

Joseph L. Price

The Super Bowl as Center of American Pilgrimage

Roger K. Newman, a noted authority on civil liberties and censorship, will present his lecture “Sex, Censorship and the Internet”. The lecture deals with the timely topic of what constitutes free speech and how that applies to the Internet, which is viewed as perhaps the last place to allow total freedom of expression. The “sex” in the title of Newman’s lecture is meant to be more than merely provocative.

“It is safe to say that without sex, either as the subject or behind it, there would be a very, very small part of the censorship or attempted censorship there is now or indeed has ever been,” he says.

Also, Mr. Newman is the author of Hugo Black: A Biography about Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.

For more information on Roger Newman, visit the University of Minnesota News. And also for more information on Mr. Newman's book featuring the life of Hugo Black, please visit the Columbia Journalism Review.

Joseph Price brings together his expertise as a theologian and his passion as a sports fan, in a lecture entitled "The Super Bowl as Center of American Pilgrimage." Price is a Professor of Religious Studies at Whittier College. There, blending his theological, literary, and cultural interests, into numerous creative interdisciplinary courses.

During his professional career, Price has published more than thirty essays, many of which draw upon his interests in sports and religion. In his most recent book From Season to Season: Sports as American Religion he draws upon the theological analysis of culture. Also Price co-edited two widely used theological resourses, A New Handbook of Christian Theology and A New Handbook of Christian Theologians.

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