Dr. Dixon Sutherland is the Director for the Institute of Christian Ethics and a Professor of Religious Studies at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. H e is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and is married to Kandy Queen-Sutherland and they have two children.
Professor Sutherland is the author of several articles and critical reviews on a range of subjects.

"The Space of Creation: Theology's Search for an Ecological Ethics," in Communio Viatorum, A Theological Journal, 1994.
"A Theological Anthropology of Evil: A Comparison of Teilhard de Chardin and Paul Ricoeur," Zeitschrift fur Systematische Theologie und Religions Philosophie, 1992.
"Hermeneutics, Ethics and the Bible," Faith and Mission, 1992.
"Genesis 15.6 and Early Christian Struggles for Election," Scottish Journal of Theology, 1991.
"The Organization of the Abrahamic Promise Narratives," Zeitschrift fur altatestamentliche Wissenschaft, 1983.

Currently, Professor Sutherland is researching the connections between contemporary medical ethical dilemmas and religious convictions. His most recent publications include:

  • "Physical Assisted Dying in an Aging Society," in the Journal of Aging and Social Policy, Spring issue 1998.
  • "Last Rites? Legal Liturgies on Physician Assisted Suicide," in the Stetson Law Review, October 1996.

In 1994, under Dr. Sutherland direction the Institute for Christian Ethics sponsored with the Medical Ethics Committee of West Volusia Memorial Hospital and the Florida Humanities Counsil held a conference on "The Ethics of Dying: Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia," held at Stetson University.

Professor Sutherland recently coordinated the establishment of The Howard Thurman Center located at Stetson University and the Howard Thurman House in Daytona Beach, Florida. Funded by a grant received by The Jesse DuPont-Ball Fund, the Center will initiate a variety of community based programs using Bethune Cookman College and Stetson University as "educational resources."
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