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Charles Epps

Professional Trust in Medicine

Derek Humphry

Physican Assisted Suicide

Dr. Charles Epps was awarded his degree in medicine with honors in 1955 from Howard University of Medicine. He has combined practice with academics throughout his career. Dr. Epps has published and lectured extensively on various topics in orthopaedics.

While here on Stetsons' Campus in 1999, a heavily discussed topic was the right to die issue.

"The issue is one of the largest any of us will have to face if we are doctors or not. I have just one thing to say to this issue and I hope that all of you will keep this with you and play it back when you're confronted--it is illegal to kill someone. Make sure that everyone you know has a living will or has appointed someone to take over their affairs and life/death decisions--your responsibility is in your oath--the patient is number one, not the cost of the operation that will buy you the new care you want," said Epps.

Principle founder of the Hemlock Society where he served as Executive Director for 12 years. Former president for the World Federation of Right To Die Societies. Author of 12 books. A few are Jean's Way, Final Exit, and Lawful Exit: The Limits Of Freedom For Help In Dying.

For more information on Derek Humphry and his cause, visit Final Exit.


Mark Siegler

Euthanasia, Physian Responsibility,
and Medical Ethics


Director of the Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He has written or co-authored over 110 journal articles, 32 book chapters, 29 abstracts, several books and other publications. His most recent text is co-authored with Drs. Jonsen and Winslade, Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine.

For more information on Mark Siegler, please visit MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics.

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