Commencement Day Logistics

Line-up Information

Hollis Center Line-Up

  • Students must be in the Hollis Center with their cap and gown one hour before their designated Commencement ceremony.
  • When you arrive in the Hollis Center, find your reserved seat; it will have your name on it. The seat determines your place in the line of march and ensures that you will be in the correct order to cross the stage during the ceremony.
  • Honors cords will be placed on your seat if you are receiving Latin honors (cum laude, summa cum laude, magna cum laude) for your academic achievement.
  • Students receiving a master’s degree should make sure that they bring their cap, gown and hood to the ceremony. The hood will be in the same package as the cap and gown ordered from the bookstore. Master’s degree candidates will carry the hood on their right arm in the processional. As you cross the stage during the ceremony a faculty member will place the hood on you.
  • Tassel Instruction – Students receiving bachelor’s degrees should place their tassel on the right side of their cap during line-up. President Libby will instruct you to move the tassel to the left side after you have received your degree. Students receiving masters’ degrees should place their tassel on the left side of their cap for the line of march and throughout the ceremony.

Recognition of Degree Candidates

All students will be recognized individually on stage. A name card will be placed on your seat in the Hollis Center at line-up. You will need to carry this card with you from line-up until you reach the announcer on stage. Give the card to the announcer and once you hear your name called, cross the stage.  All students will receive a tube with instructions on where diploma pickup will be located after the ceremony. Bachelor’s degree candidates will also receive a copy of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Personal Belongings

Students will not have a place to drop off jackets, purses or personal belongings. All personal belongings brought into line-up must accompany the student into the ceremony. Please make arrangements with your guests to limit your personal belongings.


A professional photographer from Island Photography will be taking photographs of each student as they cross the stage. Within 48 hours after Commencement, you will be emailed a secure link and a PIN to view and order your photos. You can register the email addresses of your friends and relatives so that they will receive a direct link to your proofs by visiting Island Photography’s website.

Diploma Pick Up/Post-Event Reception

The Reception and Diploma Pickup location will be in the Promenade between the Stetson Green and Palm Court (Rain location – Stetson Room).

Accessibility Resources

The Commencement stage is accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need assistance with transportation to the Edmunds Center from the Hollis Center or have questions about accessibility please email the Office of University Events at or call 386-822-8920.