Eric Baum


Q: What did you do after graduation and what are you doing now?

After graduation, I started my own company, Purple Tone Media. It started off as a management company for my band Run Rhino and then expanded to become a special events company for live sound, stage lighting, and promotions. Currently, Purple Tone Media focuses on songwriting and production for film and television.

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now when you took your first Digital Arts course @ Stetson?

I had the passion to do what I currently do before I went to Stetson. I had some experience with songwriting and performing when I started attending, but it was at Stetson that I met other passionate and talented people that helped me truly discover who I wanted to be.

Q: What advice do you have for someone taking their first course right now?

My advice to someone currently enrolled at Stetson is to use the most of their time. There are many time-sensitive projects that you will have to deal with, and the better you manage your time the better your projects turn out. It’s not possible to procrastinate and turn in quality work.

Q: What’s the best thing you learned studying Digital Arts @ Stetson?

The best thing I learned at Stetson is how to conduct research. In any field of technology things change rapidly, and I feel Stetson prepared me for the real world by giving me the proper skills to learn and adapt to my environment.

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