Leonidas Dezes


Q: What did you do after graduation and what are you doing now?

Right after graduation [in 2011] I started graduate school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I’m currently there now, working towards my MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts. I also work at commonvision/iNet, the university’s print, design, and digital signage center, creating motion graphics and animations for clients.

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now when you took your first Digital Arts course @ Stetson?

I did anticipate working with design, animation, and video in some capacity, but I would have never thought I’d be in grad school. I realized that possibility in my senior year, and it’s opened up a whole new area for me.

Q: What advice do you have for someone taking their first course right now?

Allocate a decent amount of time to work on your projects. It allows you to have attention to detail and focus on quality, as well as time to solve any technical problems you may be having. Also, go to university artist lectures and events. You can see other people’s work, share your own, and make great connections.

Q: What’s the best thing you learned studying Digital Arts @ Stetson?

With Stetson’s program, the best thing was learning about basically every area of digital arts. I was able to focus on what I wanted to, while also experimenting in other areas. Many schools have students focus on only one area like web design or animation, but then those students may be limited to a certain area. For example, if you’re making a promotional video or something, it’s great to not only have the skill-set for shooting video or animating sequences, but also recording and editing the audio. It comes in handy in both the business and personal world to have that depth of knowledge.

You can learn more about Leo by visiting his site on Blogspot.

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