A minor in Creative Writing is available to all students through the Department of English. Requirements for the minor are slightly different for those with a major in English.

For a full list of course requirements for the minor, see the Arts & Sciences section [PDF] of the current Stetson Bulletin, or the list below:

Minor in Creative Writing for English Majors (5 units)
Three units from the following list: ENCW215A, ENCW311A, ENCW312A, ENCW313A, ENCW314A, ENCW318, ENCW319A (but 318/319 may not be counted alongside another unit in the same genre)
Two units from the following list: ENCW411, ENCW412, ENCW413, ENCW414, ENCW 415, ENCW418, ENCW419

Minor in Creative Writing for Non-English Majors (5 units)

One unit in ENGL numbered 300 or above (1)
One additional unit in ENGL (1)
Three units in creative writing (ENCW) courses (3)

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