The Stetson University English Department offers a vibrant undergraduate program in creative writing for students of all interests and abilities.

The creative writing faculty work with students who love language and wish to experiment in poetry, fiction, dramatic writing, and creative nonfiction.

Students interested in committing themselves to creative writing beyond Stetson University will find that the English Department has an excellent record in placing student writers in MFA and Ph.D. programs as well as distinguished writers' colonies and conferences. Stetson's program is a member of the The Associated Writing Programs (AWP).

Stetson students with strong creative writing credentials have succeeded in careers as magazine editors, technical writers, freelance writers, syndicated columnists, and marketing executives, and writing teachers.

The Creative Writing Classroom

With the support of the Tim Sullivan Endowment for Writing, the English Department offers multiple courses per year in creative writing. Rotated each academic year, the menu includes poetry, fiction, dramatic writing, and creative nonfiction at various levels.

In workshops limited to 15 students and individual student-faculty conferences, students read, write, revise, and prepare their writing for public readings and submission for publication.

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