Touchstone is Stetson University's annual literary magazine.

Each spring the student-run magazine publishes the art, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and dramatic writing of students.

The magazine is open to any Stetson University student, regardless of major, class, standing, or academic experience. It is also digitized as Touchstone Online.

The editors of Touchstone welcome all interested students to share their writing and art with the Stetson community.

Contests also are held for the best cover design and art work submitted. Digital arts, fine arts, and other talented majors are urged to take this opportunity to see their work in print.

The deadline for submissions is usually early in the spring semester. Stetson artists and writers submit their work in the English Department office on the second floor of Flagler Hall, the Touchstone Office on the second floor of the CUB, or online.

Multiple submissions are encouraged.

Visit Touchstone Online for submission guidelines and rules.

Copies of Touchstone are distributed free on campus.

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