March 9, 2005

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Communication Studies and Theatre Arts at Stetson University  stress a strong liberal arts foundation in theory and practice.


 Communication Studies

The ability to communicate competently and to understand communicative acts is an asset contributing to success in both the public and private spheres. Human communication, however, is a complex process, and effective communication depends on our understanding of the structures and constraints of the process by which messages are transmitted and understood between senders and receivers.

Courses in Communication Studies at Stetson stress a strong liberal arts foundation in communication theory and practice. By choosing from offerings in areas such as interpersonal and small group communication or public discourse and mass communication, students can tailor a program to fit their interests and needs. In addition to classroom education, students have opportunities for practical experience off-campus through workshops and internships and with the campus newspaper, The Reporter, Florida?s oldest college paper.

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 Theatre Arts

Theatre is a vital liberal art for the modern renaissance man or woman. Undergraduate study in theatre arts provides an artistic and intellectual foundation for career success in a number of professions as well as the professional theatre. Studying theatre arts gives superb training in cooperation, teamwork, and group advancement, so necessary these days in business, research, management, and other areas of employment. In the theatre, students work with everything they have: mind, body, and heart. Theatre puts them all together and makes them function as one.  

Outside the classroom, the theatre program helps translate theory into action through performance. The Stetson dramatics production program focuses on undergraduates, giving them the opportunity to play major roles under the direction of a faculty member. In addition to honing performance skills such as acting, directing, voice and diction, movement, stage combat, and make-up, working in the theatre also develops technical skills like carpentry, painting, drafting, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, sewing, pattern drafting, interior design, and pyrotechnics.

Read more about the program here.

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