Stetson Digital Arts named in top 50 Game Design programs

The Princeton Review and GamePro magazine have named Stetson’s Digital Arts program in the top 50 (out of 500) game design programs in the coutry. We have a number of grads working in the game industry, including Alex McClung and Ben Burbank (interviewed elsewhere on this site) working for Electronic Arts,  Gerard Marino, composer on soundtracks for God of War and God of War II and British  Academy of Film and Television Arts award nominee, and  Julius Santiago with Naked Sky Entertainment. Check it out:

One Comment on “Stetson Digital Arts named in top 50 Game Design programs”

  • Nathan Wolek

    We had to sit on this news for a bit. Now that it is public, be sure to tell all your friends. We are very proud of our alums in the gaming industry!

    Be sure to pick up a copy of the April 2010 issue of GamePro!

    03-19-10 » 2:21 pm »