New Interface for MPG @ the Intermedia Festival

MPG: Mobile Performance Group has been invited to perform at the Intermedia Festival at the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. We have been working on an interface for the iphone/itouch, using the OSC based mrmr app. We developed an interface that will allow the public to control the manipulation of live video and send text messages which will become part of the video projection. Users will be able to do things such as mix video, choose video clips, apply effects, and use the iphone’s accelerometer to rotate and position the text and image. Should be a blast and we will post updates as the festival unfolds.

One Comment on “New Interface for MPG @ the Intermedia Festival”

  • jhaysonn

    AWESOME! I just saw the MPG Carepackage too. Makin waves! =) I’m curious how this went down and hopeful for documentation posts up here!

    04-26-10 » 8:49 pm »