Interesting job opening at the Exploratorium in San Francisco,

Just ran across this post for a job at the Exploratorium in San Francisco entitled NEW MEDIA DEVELOPER: TANGIBLE MEDIA EXHIBITS FOCUS.
I love the list of Minimum Qualifications: Fluency with one, and ability to hack some combination of Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing, Flash/ActionScript 3.0, openFrameworks. Familiarity with sensors (proximity, flex, pressure, capacitive, etc.), actuators (servo/stepper motors, solenoids, etc.), and physical/wireless interfaces. And the list goes on!

Here is the description
A position in the Exploratorium’s New Media department for an individual experienced in tangible media / physical computing (microcontroller, electronics, basic fabrication) and multiple programming languages. The successful candidate will design, prototype, develop, and maintain various interactives that interpret data from sensors, make things move or react in the physical world, activate immersive environments, drive sound and video, and talk to other software and devices. This is an opportunity to collaborate with leaders in the fields–internally and externally–on experiences that meld science, art and human perception to stimulate children and adults to learn through exploration, in a R&D, not-for-profit organization.

One Comment on “Interesting job opening at the Exploratorium in San Francisco,”

  • Nathan Chase

    Wow, that’s an incredible job. I remember when I took my Max/MSP class with DeMurga, I wondered how you might end up being able to use the skills learned in the “working world”. Anyone that’s into the Cycling ’74 apps would (should) kill for a job like this, especially if they have no other life commitments. Very cool stuff.

    07-30-10 » 10:06 pm »