Sugar Cube Animation DIGA101

Sugar Cube Animation from Digital Art @ Stetson on Vimeo.

One of the first assignments in professor Matt Roberts section of DIGA101 Introduction to Digital Arts 2010. In this section of DIGA101 students learn how to create stop motion animation and create interactive animation. This stop motion animation was created by students Richard Coulson, Lindsey Iverson, Brittany Mann, Shamauri Porter.

3 Comments on “Sugar Cube Animation DIGA101”

  • Lauree

    Do you have anymore stop-motion videos you can post? I’d love to see more! Thanks!

    09-13-10 » 6:49 pm »

  • Matt Roberts

    I will post more as our semester continues. Glad you enjoyed it!

    09-14-10 » 1:21 am »

  • Lauree

    That’s awesome! I’m looking froward to seeing more – it’s great to watch the kids learn! :-D

    09-21-10 » 7:52 pm »